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How to Use a DISKUS

  A DISKUS® is a dry-powder inhaler that holds 60 doses. It features a built-in counter, so that you always know
  how many doses you have left in it.


  To use your DISKUS®:

  1. Open your DISKUS®: Hold it in the palm of your hand, put the thumb of your other hand on the thumb grip and push the thumb grip until it "clicks" into place
  2. Slide the lever away from you as far as it will go to get your medication ready
  3. Breathe out away from the device
  4. Place the mouthpiece gently in your mouth and close your lips around it
  5. Breathe in deeply until you have taken a full breath
  6. Remove the DISKUS® from your mouth
  7. Hold your breath for about ten seconds, then breathe out
  8. Always check the number in the dose counter window to see how many doses are left.


  If you drop your DISKUS® or breathe into it after its dose has been loaded, you may cause the dose to be lost. If
  either of these things happens, reload the device before using it.

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