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Tympanometry is a testing methodology that is used to evaluate the function of the middle ear. It provides a
  graphic representation of the relationship of air pressure in the external ear canal to impedance (resistance to
  movement) of the ear drum and middle  ear system. This impedance measurement examines the acoustic
  resistance of the middle ear. If the eardrum is hit by a sound, part of the sound is absorbed and sent via the
  middle ear to the inner ear while the other part of the sound is reflected. The information derived from
  Tympanometry provides the physician with additional information regarding the patient’s middle ear function.  
  In a pediatric population this is typically to document or rule out the presence of otitis media, tympanic
  membrane perforation or Eustachian tube  dysfunction. The test is non-invasive and does not require any  
  response from the patient. Typical test time for both  ears is less than two minutes.

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